Sunday, 10 August 2014

Falling into a river, sky luging, and Half marathon training is half over?!

Blink and the time goes very quickly. If I had my choice, I'd go on holiday immediately after the marathon weekend each year. 2 weeks afterward was when I went away for 2 weeks. There's always a compromise involved with travel, but especially when China's involved. 

So, I started my current training program - Hanson's Half Marathon Method, which is similar to that of the full - about one third of the way through. 
There's one feature that could prove tough: The speed sessions on wednesdays give way to "strength runs" which amount to running 10k race/ PB pace for nearly 10k, split up into intervals. 
Probably quite a step up from previous half training. Hopefully it'll equip me with what I need to PB at my beloved Harvest Half on October 4, and get the AG medal I've long wished for. 
In the meantime, I've managed to squeeze in a few other things. Rafting on the Bow is a summer pleasure. I was quite good with the water gun, especially aiming in the air to give the entire rival crew of a raft a good soaking. 

This was before I left the most comprehensive soaking for myself. I got caught out by how the raft bounced off the river bank and flew off backwards. I finally met with the reason given to me for learning to swim from the age of 3: "one day you might fall off a boat." 
So I was never in any danger, but it's hard to get back on when said boat has round, squashy sides. 
A week later, I put on the gopro and took A-Chang to the newly open "sky luge" track at Olympic Park. Great fun, A-Chang certainly enjoyed it. 
See the film short here:

Back in training land, my Saturday routine of bus to gym, work out and run home is much less of a chore in summer, needing no backpack or change of clothes. 
Fish Creek is still in full summer gorgeousness, a demonstration that despite the will to run in all weathers, it's a far more undilluted pleasure when it's not that season which cannot be named. 

Next up, on September 7, is the Calgary Corporate Challenge 10k. It's a familiar course, similar to the St Partrick's and Stampede 10k. The fiddly route is why I opt for the 5k in both. If I get a sub-40, I'll be celebrating. 

Keep on running 😊