Tuesday 12 September 2017

Dino Dash 5k


The previous race I completed was the 2XU compression run in Singapore, March 2016. Dino Dash 5k on September 9th was comeback day.
I met many friends at the start and finish/
Wearing a Team GB top prompted looks and questions from others, including "are you in the military?" 

The race
A great start, it was a thrill to be running again. One runner took to running on the central reservation. If he had been wearing a hat with horns on it, he would have resembled a mountain goat.

It was quite hot on the course, so I paced myself. 
After many interesting sights (such as above), the finish took place on an athletic track.

Finish and finale
The finish line was a model dinosaur mouth. I broke an imaginary finish line tape. 
Above, a wonderful hi five. 
Finish medal is a nice souvenir. 
Friends were all glad to see me finish. 
Lunch was a reward of xiaolongbao. 
The Regal Cat Cafe hosted a quiet after-party. Pensive, I asked myself: what's next? Next year, there will be a number of races, in various locations. At the present time, it's great to be back. 

Wednesday 9 August 2017

GoPro: for running in many locations.

This runner is well known for using a GoPro. I use it mainly for training runs and races. Other activities have been trail races, walking, dog sledding, driving and train rides. The camera can record video, motion-capture photos (one taken every few seconds and then sped up to make a video later), and take photographs. 

Most of my videos were recorded in Calgary. Other cities include: Bannf, Quebec City, San Francisco, Vienna, Budapest, Sydney (just outside), Singapore, Shanghai, Taipei, Seoul, Tokyo, and Kyoto. 

It can lead to fun results and video. Processing the video, editing, and saving it can be quite time consuming. Uploading onto YouTube takes a long time, however it is the best way to share with others, and is great for personal review. Recently, I did a training run through Fish Creek Park: 

There will be other videos this year, and next year. I already have some theme songs in mind.

Saturday 29 July 2017

Yoga: key for runners, and everyone!

I have been doing yoga for years, and have recently returned to it. It is helping me return to my best. I first did it before I became a keen runner, and it has helped me improve as a runner and as a person. 

Regardless of one's hobby, it can help improve flexibility. For runners, it improves leg flexibility. For all, it does improve flexibility of all joints, similar to the benefits of a chiropractor (possibly/ probably better). 

Improvements for the mind.
This is an ideal list of plus points. In all activities, yoga helps the brain co-ordinate the body better (for runners, the legs!). That greater ability brings piece of mind. That can also be felt during a yoga session. Greater relaxation and happiness are the main benefits, both during and after a yoga session. I would present myself as a case in point. 

The yoga teacher/trainer is an expert who  can help every individual surprise himself (or herself). Mine has certainly helped me, and the same could be true for everyone who tries yoga. 

Saturday 8 July 2017


Canada Day

It could have been renamed "Peter Day". For the first time in 13 months, I went for an outdoor run. To borrow an expression used in tennis, last year: I retired hurt. 

I went for a 3km run, wearing an appropriate shirt. 
My wife cycled behind me, and saw me complete the 3k at easy pace:
It felt wonderful to be back. What did I do to celebrate? The Mobot!

One week later
I ran the same 3k route at easy+ pace, wearing the same shirt in which I set my 5k PB of 19:15. 
2 reasons for the nice photographs. Happiness, and a great photographer who captured wonderful moments. 

I almost said the same thing in 3 languages: "I'm back," "Je suis retourné,"Ich bin zurück."

The future
I will use a favourite piece of equipment: GoPro camera, both during training and for my comeback race. The comeback race will be a 5k. Videos from both will be  posted. I am still deciding what music I will use. Suggestions not required. 

Monday 6 March 2017

Late winter update

Winter still here
Being quite fluent in German, the weather since January has had me saying, "Winter, verpiss dich!" (winter, piss off!). Walking safely outside has been a way to keep active, as on last Friday when the temperature was +9, and the wind was high enough to almost blow my coat off. 

The other way to stay active 
The gym is an excellent way to stay active, while beset by uncooperative weather. Above is last Saturday's rowing effort. On Sunday, I managed 2,500 metres in 15 minutes. 
Hip abduction and adduction are other ways to warm up, before: 
Running! I did 3/4 of a kilometre in under 3 minutes wearing a souvenir from a holiday in Hungary, hence the expression: 
In Sunday, the shirt from my first half marathon was my choice of wear: 
The answer to the question of where this race was is on the back: 
I kept to the golden rules: feet straight, even swinging arms, long stride, and no farting!

Awaited in March
Apart from eating well, working out and staying healthy, I am going to be seeing doctors this month to find out if I am approved to do a number of things.
Not to put too heavy a point on it, when it comes to fully recovering with the help of ESD (early supported discharge), I am in the driving seat:

Saturday 18 February 2017

Once more working out

I went to the gym today, and my wife/ chief photographer came along. She is brilliant. 
Warm up
The seated leg press was not being used, so 30 reps using 150lbs was the warm up. As the photo demonstrates, I had already warmed up inside. 
The rowing machine was great, me pushing and straightening my legs and pulling back with the arms. 
10 minutes was a good workout, especially as the person next to me did the same distance as me in 16 minutes. 

A great touch of the runs
A gentle start, walking for two laps, then the overjoy came along for 11 laps of running.
It was manifested by pointing at the shirt, and frankly, grinning.
I even practiced breaking an imaginary finish line tape:
I even limited the temptation to yell "I'm back!" According to my watch, I ran 1.3 miles/ 2.09 kilometres in 7 minutes, 20 seconds. That makes 3 minutes, 47 seconds per kilometre. 

Keep it up!
Lots of friends have been encouraging to me, hence the selfies. Non-friends are now notorious for their misgivings, so the images in this post are dedicated to my friends, solely and exclusively.

Wednesday 15 February 2017

Recovery of Hope

Return to the gym

Today was for the return to the gym for various workouts and some running. Starting with a walking warmup, I had been aiming to start on the rowing machine, but both of them were "under occupation". Awaiting for them to be "liberated”, I had to watch 2 men dragging the handle over their heads. The temptation was to approach them and pontificate: "I'm Peter, and you are under arrest." 

Return to running
I got started at pace around the track, in fact I lapped many others. Keeping the technique correct involved me reciting "arms, feet, legs" to myself. It was a matter of swinging both arms evenly, keeping my feet straight, and with my height using a long stride. 
11 laps, according to Strava used on my phone which fortunately didn't jump off my belt, was 2.7 km long. 8 minutes 30 seconds long, would work out to a 5k time of 16 minutes 42 seconds: potentially a PB of 4 minutes and 3 seconds!

Warm down
So then some weights to cool down with.  The lateral pull down wasn't very selfie-able, although over 40 reps of 100lbs got me going. The seated leg press was available for me, so 30 reps of 150lbs it was. 
The rowing machine had me going extremely well, almost declaring "the magic is back!" Endurance and strength had both demonstrated themselves well to me personally, leaving time for a walking cool down and a selfie.

Refuelling lunch
Upon my return home, time for noodles, chicken, broccoli and lemonade. The return to good shape is well and truly back on. I just need to wait for doctoral permission to run, drive and work again at a couple of points in March. Here's to life and recovery.