Saturday, 29 July 2017

Yoga: key for runners, and everyone!

I have been doing yoga for years, and have recently returned to it. It is helping me return to my best. I first did it before I became a keen runner, and it has helped me improve as a runner and as a person. 

Regardless of one's hobby, it can help improve flexibility. For runners, it improves leg flexibility. For all, it does improve flexibility of all joints, similar to the benefits of a chiropractor (possibly/ probably better). 

Improvements for the mind.
This is an ideal list of plus points. In all activities, yoga helps the brain co-ordinate the body better (for runners, the legs!). That greater ability brings piece of mind. That can also be felt during a yoga session. Greater relaxation and happiness are the main benefits, both during and after a yoga session. I would present myself as a case in point. 

The yoga teacher/trainer is an expert who  can help every individual surprise himself (or herself). Mine has certainly helped me, and the same could be true for everyone who tries yoga. 

Saturday, 8 July 2017


Canada Day

It could have been renamed "Peter Day". For the first time in 13 months, I went for an outdoor run. To borrow an expression used in tennis, last year: I retired hurt. 

I went for a 3km run, wearing an appropriate shirt. 
My wife cycled behind me, and saw me complete the 3k at easy pace:
It felt wonderful to be back. What did I do to celebrate? The Mobot!

One week later
I ran the same 3k route at easy+ pace, wearing the same shirt in which I set my 5k PB of 19:15. 
2 reasons for the nice photographs. Happiness, and a great photographer who captured wonderful moments. 

I almost said the same thing in 3 languages: "I'm back," "Je suis retourné,"Ich bin zurück."

The future
I will use a favourite piece of equipment: GoPro camera, both during training and for my comeback race. The comeback race will be a 5k. Videos from both will be  posted. I am still deciding what music I will use. Suggestions not required.