Saturday, 21 May 2016

Ready as I'll ever be

Runner, interrupted 
Winter, rather than building up the mileage, involved trips to the physio. I'm still working on fixing the imbalance identified back in January. A late start for Calgary Half Marathon training then, but things are on the up, and it's been a fun build up to the big day. It always is. 

Aprillian Amazement 
Sweet medals. The blue one in the middle will be mine in a week. 
Speaking of which, I had quite an April. 3 countries, 3 races. 
Singapore's overwhelming heat made for a very different kind of race. I judged my dehydration well, and keeping an even pace throughout, overtook people for the entire 10k. 
Run Calgary does Australia. 
A week after Singapore then, the Jabulani Challenge 12k, a trail race outside Sydney. A couple of minor falls and a wrong turn, another runner badly wiping out downhill, clambering over rocks and crossing streams: a most unique experience. 
Back in Calgary for Eyball the Wall 15k, I made good use of a pacemaker (unofficial) to finish 2 minutes quicker than expected. It was a welcome boost in more ways than one, returning as I had from holiday to my erstwhile employer laying off staff (myself included). 

May Musings
Saint Patrick's Island fun run on May 7 featured almost Singapore-like weather.
A fun gathering with food truck, my plan was to have it fuel my run home, some 27k away. 
Industrial vistas on one side, and nature on the other, I walked the last few k due to dehydration. 

Race plan?
At time of writing, race day looks like it will rain. This won't be too bad as long as it isn't too windy. 
My benchmark for the half is usually 1:30 (PB 1:26:44). At the moment my form is hard to predict, so I'll just try to go with whatever pace feels good, while keeping on track to get that 89:59 at least. 
So, which version of me will show up? Place your bets, that's part of the fun.