Wednesday, 11 February 2015

The extra benefit

Just a thought. When runners think about the benefits of running, there are the obvious ones of the various ways in which health and fitness improves. We could also get into the psychological side of it. I could talk about that for days, literally without stopping, if only breaks to the little boys room weren't required. 

This week I was reminded of one more. On monday my stomach felt slightly uncomfortable. Back from the gym, I felt rather faint. It was time to go home and throw a sofa at the problem. 
I stayed home and cross trained on the sofa all next day. By early afternoon, my hands no longer needed to stay under blankets to be warmer than a frozen haddock. 

Quite simply, there you have it. A higher level of energy that helps with the everyday, including being channeled into a powerful immune response more potent than a sedentary person could ever hope to muster (as witnessed by my sofa).