Thursday, 8 October 2015

MEC Half Marathon, a race too far

Hindsight's a wonderful thing, why can't it happen before the event? Last Sunday I had to drop out of a half marathon just after the halfway point. Annoyingly, all while hoping for the best, I had been expecting it. 

That'll learn him
Instead of a detailed description, I'll spell out the 2 things I can learn from, take away and apply: 
Don't make the same mistake twice: I repeated an error from 2012, doing my first post-race run at full speed as planned. A 5x 1min interval workout, I had to finish it walking with groin trouble. So after a race, that next planned run should be cut in half even if you "feel good". 

Don't miss a strength/ workout prior to a race: my hamstrings seemed to weaken quickly without this stimulus. It's not really a fatigue causing workout, so taking a rest from it on the wednesday prior to a race doesn't save any energy. 

I'll add one more: do a shorter distance for the second race if doing 2 close together (under 6 weeks for me).

What's next?
On November 7, I'm doing my first ever Banff Winterstart. This is a 5 mile race after sunset, every runner getting a glow stick. 3 weeks to prepare, no problem making it to my 2015 finale. A week later, course marshal at the Last Chance Half Marathon. I'm an excitable volunteer. 
Man With A Plan
After that, I have a long plan drawn up to take down my half marathon PB at the end of May next year. 2 weeks off, a gradual return, patient base build, then the fine tuning in February. I've already started (evil chuckle).