Thursday, 8 October 2015

MEC Half Marathon, a race too far

Hindsight's a wonderful thing, why can't it happen before the event? Last Sunday I had to drop out of a half marathon just after the halfway point. Annoyingly, all while hoping for the best, I had been expecting it. 

That'll learn him
Instead of a detailed description, I'll spell out the 2 things I can learn from, take away and apply: 
Don't make the same mistake twice: I repeated an error from 2012, doing my first post-race run at full speed as planned. A 5x 1min interval workout, I had to finish it walking with groin trouble. So after a race, that next planned run should be cut in half even if you "feel good". 

Don't miss a strength/ workout prior to a race: my hamstrings seemed to weaken quickly without this stimulus. It's not really a fatigue causing workout, so taking a rest from it on the wednesday prior to a race doesn't save any energy. 

I'll add one more: do a shorter distance for the second race if doing 2 close together (under 6 weeks for me).

What's next?
On November 7, I'm doing my first ever Banff Winterstart. This is a 5 mile race after sunset, every runner getting a glow stick. 3 weeks to prepare, no problem making it to my 2015 finale. A week later, course marshal at the Last Chance Half Marathon. I'm an excitable volunteer. 
Man With A Plan
After that, I have a long plan drawn up to take down my half marathon PB at the end of May next year. 2 weeks off, a gradual return, patient base build, then the fine tuning in February. I've already started (evil chuckle). 


  1. Races like that are great for learning and you didn't push yourself into an injury thank heavens. I just skipped my last strength workout before my weekend race :) I'll improvise one tonight thanks to what I just learned!

    1. The learning never stops. It's pleasing in a way that my brain intervened.