Monday, 2 November 2015

The Renaissance

Square One
I rose again on sunday to run for the first time in 2 weeks, since pulling up during the MEC half marathon.

The old adage of going without something making you appreciate it all the more is triply true for me and running. One thing that amplifies this is an extra couple of days a week in the gym. I was forced to watch people frankly hurting themselves doing such things as holding onto the treadmill as if superglued to it, keeping their backs bent on the rowing machine, etc. 
There seemed little escape from seeing other pet hates such as people reading while working out, wearing hoods and woolly hats. 

Pressure Valve
I'd given myself 2 weeks before the next run on November 1. Just survive October. That was easier said than done: I work in the energy sector in Calgary, and there have been countless job losses this year (many in October), and jitters about new governments, provincial and federal. Running keeps me centred among times of worry, fully justified or otherwise, so its absence was keenly felt. 

On sunday morning, I laced up to go for an exploratory 5k. Nerves? A few. It's hard to overstate how badly I wanted the waiting (to run again) to be over. There are times that it is the best coping mechanism bar none. Other runners know what I mean. 

The Run
The plan was to go easy pace for 5k, stopping even if I felt PB-fantastic. First few minutes, just concentrate on smooth technique. About 10 minutes in, felt quite a bit of tightening. Run gently. 
Just before the 20 minute mark, all signs of discomfort faded. As I finished up on a newly opened stretch of pathway, I even started to enjoy it. Gasp!

Next Up
Next saturday, it's off to Banff for the Winterstart, a 5 mile race in the dark with glow sticks. One run on wednesday before that just to check everything. There's gradient on this course, so at the moment it's helpful to have no temptation to attempt a PB (31:02). 
This will end my 2015 season, and my training program for 2016 starts right after. Winter's coming, time to get ready to outdo yourself next spring. 

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  1. Stay the course Peter! Ha I love watching people do all the crazy stuff at gyms too. Tip: Don't drop the glow sticks.