Monday, 16 November 2015

Don't mess with the Marshal

I like to volunteer in November, racing is out as I'm usually a creaking gate by this time of year. 
I was stationed at km 11, which was also about km 17.5. A small part of the course on a road, there were 2 of us, and I pulled traffic duty. 
It was turning into quite a warm sunny day by the time 2nd and 3rd places came through. I think the lady on the left once overtook me on a leg of the Banff Ekiden. 
Simon came past, later saying he was having an off day.
In 3 hours there were less than 10 cars, so I mostly used my sign to point the way. 
Simon again, on his way to 'only' 1:28. 
Done by lunch. I wasn't very animated this time as there was another marshal with me. 
Pleasant and quiet, it really was "Last Chance" with snow arriving a few days later. 

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