Saturday, 14 November 2015

2016 - let's race

I love race day. While I'll always go after a PB if I can, this season is above all about fun. I think I might even be capable of treating a few races as extended training, rather than fastest possible time at all costs. There's always a first time.  
So here's my calendar, hope to see you all out there. 

January 16 (sat): MEC race #1, 5k. 
I have never raced in January, so will do this quick and slippery one. 

March 13: St Patrick's 5k. 
An annual favourite, spring weather or blizzard? You never know. 

April 3: 2XU Compression Run 10k, Singapore. 
Yes, you read correctly. Not a destination race, just a race while on holiday. The course seems to vary a little every year, but if it's flat, I would love to get a PB there. My solitary sub-40 dates back to 2012. 

April 9 (sat): Jabulani Challenge 12k trail, Sydney, Australia. 
Holiday part 2. A trail race on the outskirts of Sydney, really looking forward to this one. 

April 30 (sat): Eyeball the Wall 15k. 
Back to Calgary for a guaranteed PB, will race around the reservoir as a medium tempo training run. 

May 29: Calgary Half Marathon.
The big one. My current PB dates back to 2013, when I finished limping with a pulled hamstring. I'm working on hip and glute strength for a smoother PB. 

June 19: Millarville 8 mile bun run.
You can be a runner or a "bunner", stopping twice to scoff cinnamon rolls. It should look great on the GoPro. 

July 10: Stampede Road Race 5k.
PB'd last year, another would do nicely. So would a flatter course without a turnaround. 

July 17 (sat): 5 Peaks 13.6k trail, Glenbow. 
I had my first 5 Peaks experience last year, really enjoyed it. This is just out of town, should be fun. 

August 6 (sat): 5 Peaks 11k trail, Fish Creek Park. 
The one I did last year, though it seems to have been shortened so might skip it. 

September 17 (sat): 5 Peaks 14.5k trail, Canmore. 
I've raced in Canmore just once (a leg of the Grizzly), an overdue return. 

October 1 (sat): Harvest Half Marathon. 
8th year in a row. The last few have not gone very well, so hoping to put that right. 

October 15 or 16: MEC race #7, 10k.
I had to drop out last year when I took on the half. Finishing is more fun, so 10k it is. 

That's 13 races planned. May the training and fun never stop.

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