Wednesday, 25 November 2015

November, easy & yoga

November, we will rebuild
Easing my way back to running, I kept the runs short - single figures - and quite slow. 
Strength training is even more vital than ever, got to get the core strong. Here's A-Chang and I getting our planks in on our anniversary. 
It's time too to reacquaint myself with slippery pathways, despite being able to sneek in a few runs in shorts (my thanks to Tammy Li for the photo). I managed 96k for the month, only doing 60 in October as I had to take a break at the end of the month. 
November was also a time make 2016 training plans and schedule races, all while enjoying the oven-fresh naans along the way. Subjects for another post.

A-Chang wanted to take yoga classes once again, so I decided to join her once a week. 
It's a bit far from home, but is a friendly place that avoids a few of the pretensions that have put me off other venues. 
I do a bit of yoga at home too. The class I try to get to is called "happy hips", an obvious choice for runners. 

Streaking into 2016
I got out to Marda Loop for the start of the Strides Streak. I enjoyed my first run across the dam that wasn't during a race. My runfie face badly needs work though. 
My weekly totals in November: 15.3k, 23.7k, 24.9k, 26.9k. With my 'winter legs' coming back, December is the start of base building. For the first time, I'm following my first base-specific plan. 
The intention is to be in better shape than ever in February when the sharpening phase begins. Those PBs don't run themselves, so let's go. 

As a Calgary Marathon ForeRunner, I have been given a entry to participate in the 2016 race, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. Makes my std weekly 17k look modest but have no ambitions to do more. Adelante Peter!