Wednesday, 9 August 2017

GoPro: for running in many locations.

This runner is well known for using a GoPro. I use it mainly for training runs and races. Other activities have been trail races, walking, dog sledding, driving and train rides. The camera can record video, motion-capture photos (one taken every few seconds and then sped up to make a video later), and take photographs. 

Most of my videos were recorded in Calgary. Other cities include: Bannf, Quebec City, San Francisco, Vienna, Budapest, Sydney (just outside), Singapore, Shanghai, Taipei, Seoul, Tokyo, and Kyoto. 

It can lead to fun results and video. Processing the video, editing, and saving it can be quite time consuming. Uploading onto YouTube takes a long time, however it is the best way to share with others, and is great for personal review. Recently, I did a training run through Fish Creek Park: 

There will be other videos this year, and next year. I already have some theme songs in mind.