Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Recovery of Hope

Return to the gym

Today was for the return to the gym for various workouts and some running. Starting with a walking warmup, I had been aiming to start on the rowing machine, but both of them were "under occupation". Awaiting for them to be "liberated”, I had to watch 2 men dragging the handle over their heads. The temptation was to approach them and pontificate: "I'm Peter, and you are under arrest." 

Return to running
I got started at pace around the track, in fact I lapped many others. Keeping the technique correct involved me reciting "arms, feet, legs" to myself. It was a matter of swinging both arms evenly, keeping my feet straight, and with my height using a long stride. 
11 laps, according to Strava used on my phone which fortunately didn't jump off my belt, was 2.7 km long. 8 minutes 30 seconds long, would work out to a 5k time of 16 minutes 42 seconds: potentially a PB of 4 minutes and 3 seconds!

Warm down
So then some weights to cool down with.  The lateral pull down wasn't very selfie-able, although over 40 reps of 100lbs got me going. The seated leg press was available for me, so 30 reps of 150lbs it was. 
The rowing machine had me going extremely well, almost declaring "the magic is back!" Endurance and strength had both demonstrated themselves well to me personally, leaving time for a walking cool down and a selfie.

Refuelling lunch
Upon my return home, time for noodles, chicken, broccoli and lemonade. The return to good shape is well and truly back on. I just need to wait for doctoral permission to run, drive and work again at a couple of points in March. Here's to life and recovery. 

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