Sunday, 12 February 2017

Recovery Update

Hello friends, you all know who you are. Non-friends shall remain nameless.

Refuelling before workout
The morning started with rice balls.
Then for lunch, I went to Chinatown with my wife, her Mum and cousin. I had my favourite food to celebrate Lantern Festival: Xiaolongbao, hence the beaming look on my face. 

Rowing Time
That kind of rowing, of course. A good way to get fit and healthy, one month after getting home after 6 months in hospital.
I managed 2,100 metres in 10 minutes and 10 seconds. If I may say so,  good technique, endurance and strength.

Running again!
Then back to the run yet again. 
All my concentration was on technique: both arms swinging, feet straight and long stride.
3 minutes, 29 seconds per kilometre, about half marathon PB pace. 
2 weeks before, according to Strava, I ran 3.8 km in 13 minutes, 0 seconds. Using a calculator, that would mean 5k in 17 minutes, 0 seconds, a PB of 2.5 minutes. Hopefully that will happen at the end of May, my first comeback race if I get Doctor's approval for running again. 
Hopeful expression
Good time for a selfie? More recovery is coming for my head and body daily. I aim to get back to working, driving and running in the next few months.

Confidence has returned of late, all due to my lovely wife's care and planning for our future. I am giving my upmost to recover well in workouts and therapy visits to home. I said so during the subsequent dinner:
Therefore, it is time to raise a glass to my recovery and comeback to life!

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  1. Peter, I have just raised my glass of G&T as well. All the best, Dad.