Saturday, 18 February 2017

Once more working out

I went to the gym today, and my wife/ chief photographer came along. She is brilliant. 
Warm up
The seated leg press was not being used, so 30 reps using 150lbs was the warm up. As the photo demonstrates, I had already warmed up inside. 
The rowing machine was great, me pushing and straightening my legs and pulling back with the arms. 
10 minutes was a good workout, especially as the person next to me did the same distance as me in 16 minutes. 

A great touch of the runs
A gentle start, walking for two laps, then the overjoy came along for 11 laps of running.
It was manifested by pointing at the shirt, and frankly, grinning.
I even practiced breaking an imaginary finish line tape:
I even limited the temptation to yell "I'm back!" According to my watch, I ran 1.3 miles/ 2.09 kilometres in 7 minutes, 20 seconds. That makes 3 minutes, 47 seconds per kilometre. 

Keep it up!
Lots of friends have been encouraging to me, hence the selfies. Non-friends are now notorious for their misgivings, so the images in this post are dedicated to my friends, solely and exclusively.

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