Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Dino Dash 5k


The previous race I completed was the 2XU compression run in Singapore, March 2016. Dino Dash 5k on September 9th was comeback day.
I met many friends at the start and finish/
Wearing a Team GB top prompted looks and questions from others, including "are you in the military?" 

The race
A great start, it was a thrill to be running again. One runner took to running on the central reservation. If he had been wearing a hat with horns on it, he would have resembled a mountain goat.

It was quite hot on the course, so I paced myself. 
After many interesting sights (such as above), the finish took place on an athletic track.

Finish and finale
The finish line was a model dinosaur mouth. I broke an imaginary finish line tape. 
Above, a wonderful hi five. 
Finish medal is a nice souvenir. 
Friends were all glad to see me finish. 
Lunch was a reward of xiaolongbao. 
The Regal Cat Cafe hosted a quiet after-party. Pensive, I asked myself: what's next? Next year, there will be a number of races, in various locations. At the present time, it's great to be back. 


  1. Way to go Peter. Congratulations. Glad to see you are back at it. Stay strong.

  2. Well done Peter! it's great to see you in action again.