Sunday, 3 July 2011

St Patrick's 10 K March 2010

Injury back story: In January, I badly twisted my foot getting off a bus. Coming back from this took a while. By early February, my chiropractor allowed me to start up again on the treadmill. I can't stand treadmills, to me it's fake running, and I think I'm going to fall off. "No corners!" I was ordered, so treadmill it was. Do 5 minutes, then 2 minute walk and see how it feels, then repeat. After the first one, I asked myself how I was, and the answer was "fine". At that moment, my phone being on shuffle decided to play Handel's Messiah. I laughed LOUD at the sound of the first "hallelujah!", getting some odd looks from others walking past.

Onto the race: cold, but not quite enough to stop me going in shorts. It was the competitive debut of my Adidas hat, bought in San Francisco of all places.
One thing I remember at the start line was a tatoo on the calf of the guy in front of a set of burning golf clubs and the years 1988-1997 (I think). I somehow thought I'd go for a sub-40 minute time, but having got bumped at the started this only lasted the first 2k. Shortly after, I grabbed water from one of the stations - very cold! I couldn't get my pace all the way up again. It was a fun event nonetheless, a PB of 41:28 which got me 56th place out of 653. Rather pleased as per the blurry photo below, a second "hallelujah!"

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