Thursday, 3 November 2011

..and I'm spent!

Aside from the shock I got at finishing a 5 mile race recently at a faster pace than my 5km PB, I might have caught a slight cold that day. That race had been a reward for getting a new job which I was a week away from starting, and a good general demeanour may have helped get that surprisingly quick time. I had already defied expectations 3 weeks earlier at the Harvest Half Marathon, and now I feel as fatigued as I thought I was going to after that race.
With winter just about to hit for real, and daylight minutes dwindling rapidly I've had one of those low-level colds for the past couple of weeks. Once again though it's been a time to learn a little more about how an amateur athlete's body works. Modifying a workout so I don't feel more tired than usual (i.e. than when I don't have a cold) afterwards, it seems that every day my body is expecting to have to work hard, so is in a routine of having to also work hard to repair itself post-exercise using the food I give it right afterwards. Once the tiredness from the workout fades, I feel better 2 or so hours after getting sweaty. Things have certainly changed since 4 years and 25kg ago.

Speaking of the recent past, I was able the past weekend to take in part of my original sunday running route from 2008/ 2009. The back country roads and surrounding fields always look great, though they're still as windy as ever.
I realize too that the crown on this road may well have had something to do with a few of the injuries I had then, including the one I carried into my first ever race, the 2009 Calgary Half Marathon.  I guess on that day I surprised myself too, a habit that I never want to lose.  

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