Monday, 17 September 2012

Last week's log

Sunday before last was the longest sunday run in the lead-up to the Harvest Half Marathon, 24k, in the highest overall weekly amount of running, 71k. The week just gone is the start of the taper, though still comes in at 64k.
Monday 9.5k
Tuesday weights, balancing, drills
Wednesday 6k hill repeats
Thursday weights, balancing, drills, then hot yoga in the evening
Friday 4x 6 minute tempo intervals
Saturday free weights, balancing, drills, 45 minute bike (in place of 9k run)
Sunday 20.9k morning, hot yoga in the afternoon
The hills are gasping sessions which are doubtless doing my VO2 max a fair bit of good.
Saturday's free weight routine is still a wobble fest, but again is probably working wonders as its so hard, yet a non-impact addition to my week. The hot yoga helps with concentration, though for me and my record-breaking volumes of sweat its greatest benefit might merely be the practice I get at sweating buckets and carrying on regardless.
Without pushing it I did sunday's run in 1.43:30. Add about a minute if I'd done another 200m to complete a half marathon distance. This with hills, traffic lights (twice) and crowds to get around in the park (don't know why they were all there). Legs are rapidly fixing themselves from "peak week" it seems. Is it the yoga as well? Hard for me to tell, though I certainly feel like a stable running platform.

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