Thursday, 29 November 2012

Who'll stop the rain?

The last time I did a flyaway, to Quebec City last year, I caught the beginnings of Hurricane Irene. This time, it looks like I'll be heading into heavy rain in California.

The weatherman's been in a teasing mood for the past week. Rain. Sunny. Rain. The closer race day (Sunday) gets, the more hope fades for a dry race. It might stop raining a few hours after. Hopefully that'll be a few hours earlier. A co-worker lent me a transparent cycling jacket which in worst case scenario weather should provide excellent protection. Any stalls at the expo will doubtless sell out of that kind of thing.

It's a question of waiting to see what happens on race morning. Runners can stay on the shuttle buses until 15 minutes before gun-time. If the wind is in my favour, a PB could still be on the cards. Otherwise, I will treat it as an epic test of fortitude and enjoy laughing in the cloudy face of adversity.

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