Friday, 16 May 2014

Unexpected obstacles

In all my caution not to pick up an injury, the last thing I was expecting was to pick up a spring cold. Around the office, I've noticed quite a bit of coughing and general grogginess. Somehow I managed to pick it up.

Monday (12th) afternoon, I felt everything switch off. I spent Tuesday at home, missing a 10k easy and core/ weights in the evening. 

Wednesday, I managed to do my strength-intervals run. I had an attractive coughing fit in the changing room once I finished. Thursday was just weights, no real problem. 

I was off on Friday, and slept poorly, having woken up several times at night. I reluctantly gave my marathon pace 17k a miss, in a daze from that lack of sleep. Later on that afternoon, it seemed I had an eye irritation as well, so I also had to keep on checking the mirror and washing it. When it rains, it pours.

Saturday was much better, slept almost straight through after working out that I only coughed if I changed sleeping positions. Did my weights and ran 16k home. My balance was good at the gym, and legs strong at the end of the run. This was all probably helped by having done some 25k less during the week. 

Sunday's 16k took place at the gym, due to thunderstorm. Felt quite good, though annoyed I couldn't be outside. Still coughing a bit, and more than anything want all the symptoms gone. This past week has been beyond aggravating, and not just for the cold interfering with my training. After peek week - 3 weeks from race day - is when the real excitement and build-up to the startline begins. I've had to put all that on hold. Time to get pumped up again, and take aim at that PB. 


  1. Speedy recovery! You have 12 days to get better. You can do it. Like I said before I have no doubt you will ROCK Calgary!

  2. Hope you're feeling better! I have a bit of a cold too, and am very thankful that I'm into the taper so hopefully I can rest up and feel 100% by race day! I'm sure you're going to kick ass in the race!!