Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Toe-Watch! Beijing-Reggae-Back strain! (& next race)

Toe job
3 months after the Calgary Marathon, I thought my toenail would've dropped off by now. The bottom half is all that remains discoloured. Is that the new nail growing? Or is it the clotted blood moving up as the original nail grows? I will just leave it alone and wait for whatever, er, awaits.

Beijing reggae in Calgary
I went to Reggae Fest a couple of weeks ago. Running wise, I strained my lower back from too much sitting down on a downward sloping grass bank. Nothing too serious. 
I was there to see a favourite band of mine. Collecting Chinese music is a hobby of mine, so it was wonderful that Longshendao, China's only reggae band, would come to play in Calgary. They were a bit bewildered by me, the Canadian superfan. Most of the crowd were there to see the much better known Jamaican bands. 
Best moment: the smiling festival organizer and in turn shook hands with all the band members and myself on hearing me speak mandarin to them: "I don't think we've met?" "Peter... oh, I'm not in the group, just came to say hi to my favourite band." Upon hearing those last 2 words, they all paused and looked at each other. 
Just for a few seconds, I was "with the band". 

Hard training
Half marathon training never stops, doing the Hansons' half program for my annual 100% effort in the Harvest Half. Some of the workouts are close to that level too. Wednesdays are various 10k race pace intervals for a total of 38 minutes - i.e. matching my 10k PB with a few breaks added. 
Fridays are race pace runs, with 1k warm up and cool down either side. Not easy when part of a 70-80k week. 
I could do the ice-bucket challenge after everyone of these high speed sessions.

Calgary Corporate Challenge 10k
I was talked into this one to be honest, though I hear it's a fun day. The course for this coming Sunday's race is a bit Mickey Mouse with its bridges and inclines. I'd like to dip under 40 minutes for a second time, but that's a tall order. If I get a PB (39:23), I've probably cheated. 

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  1. Oh the great toe watch! I do remember those days. It takes a long time for them to move on. That's really cool about the reggae group. I am a big reggae fan too. Good luck with the 10K! Run strong!