Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Welcome to Studio 54

Well This is Freezing
Winter appeared very quickly last weekend. Despite not liking it as much as notwinter, there's the pleasure of overcoming the conditions. 
..and then my teeth froze.
...and then my phone froze.
From my new plan's strength training session, there's an even bigger challenge: doing the above without arching my back. To me there's no such thing as a "bird dog", so it's a suitably impossible name. At the moment, I'm doing just the legs, with the eventual aim of doing the whole thing without toppling like a tree or having the silhouette of a drunken camel. 
It was the 25 the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall recently, a reminder to all, but especially perhaps runners, that all manner of barriers can be surmounted.
Remembrance Day is also our wedding anniversary. Here we are a few months back, in a serious attempt not to take ourselves too seriously. 

Next challenge
So this happened: 
Not having decided once and for all to do the marathon again for Calgary 2015, and having almost entered for 2014, when the Ultra 50k was offered once again I jumped at the chance. I then slipped on some ice after the jump. However, I get knocked down, and I get up again, 'cause you're never gonna keep me down. 
I did the Calgary Marathon this year in 3:15:44, at 4:38/ km pace. I feel that 50k in 4 hours - 4:52/ km - is realistic, yet also quite ambitious considering my problems with extra long distances. I thought "project 50-4" would be a good name, but then another title suggested itself:
Excited crowds gathered outside New York's venue in excited anticipation. 
This longest ever distance for me will bring me back to that first time experience and make running new again. Starting now, I will blend my way into my training program. 


  1. Nice posts. I like the pics. You're going to run an awesome 50K. I just sent you super positive vibes. Has your training started? I hope the new program works for you!

  2. I'm still shaking off a calf/ achilles problem, but should be starting soon.

  3. Awesome, I like this plan a lot! Good luck to you. I imagine all this freezing hell weather madness is getting itself out the way now to allow for extra spring training time :)

    1. I'd like to think so, as long as it doesn't last as long as last winter..