Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Moving house, still training

I moved house last week. 
There's always that question of what to discard and what to keep. 
Not being able to find things I might need in the first 2 weeks: inevitable. 
As running is what matters most, I labelled the boxes properly. To be sure of not having a mad scramble to find things, I took the race day approach to moving: I prepared a small box containing 3 sets of run clothes, drinks, whey protein, garmin, and Stick. Having it and my shoes placed by the bed meant I was training ready no matter the clutter. 
The sunday before was 34k, managed it ok. Sunday after was fortunately 26k, so wouldn't be too hard to do with moving fatigue. 
Boxes. There are never enough. The wednesday was going to be weights/ core. Finishing packing happened instead. It's lifting. 
Thursday was supposed to be tempo run day, but it was moving day. 
I did the tempo on friday instead. Rather stiff in the hips, I cut it 2k short. After that, I helped get our old place ready for tenant move-in. Cross training of a kind, just way less fun. Saturday would've been weights and core, but more housework beckoned. 
Sunday, stiff as a board, I cranked out that 26k. Monday's cross training was yet more screwdrivers and paint brushes.
Tuesday, back at work. I stand at my desk, and getting back to that from being an amateur contortionist was most welcome. The following day I went to the chiropractor. All kinds of crunching and popping had me actually say "that's good s&!t" out loud at one point. 
Today's (thursday) tempo was excellent. 13k at 4:30 pace. The only few times it felt tough? When I looked at my watch to see I was going too fast. Moving certainly made me lighter.


  1. you got the miles in PLUS some extra cross training with the moving!!! I love the labelling. AND ALL THE BLOODY BOXES. so many boxes!!!

  2. Moving houses can really take so much of your time. Just organizing your things can take up a whole day, that's why I'm so amazed that you still managed to run the day after you moved. You really are one motivated dude. Hahaha! In any way, I hope that you're settling in real well on your new abode. Thanks for sharing that, Peter! Kudos and all the best to you!

    Cathy Schwartz @ BestRateRemovals

  3. Trust me, that is always the big question when you are moving. What do you throw away and what do you keep? You hope you make the right decisions but sometimes you look back with regret on a lamp or something else that didn't seem as important at the time. Sometimes you just don't have the space to carry your gear.

    Robyn Harmon @ Hills Moving