Thursday, 28 January 2016

10 weeks of reconstruction

Back to Square 1
October 18th last year saw me drop out of the half marathon at MEC race 7. I stopped after 14 km to avoid the catastrophe of completely knotted hamstrings. 
A break from running is the worst kind of break, but I took the next 2 weeks off. I used the time to plot my comeback for a fun 2016. 

Gentle start
November's plan was to do short distances at low speed. My first run back was a quiet and easy 5k. 
Just a week later was the Banff Winterstart, 8km in the dark. While I could see the attraction of it, the dark and therefore unsighted slippery patches had me on edge. Feeling uneasy, slow and rather weak, I was relieved to finish more than anything. 
The rest of November was uneventful, just as I had wanted. 

Base Camp
December and January was the next phase: building a base. Very small doses of faster speeds went into fairly low but gradually growing mileage. 
Persistence, even on Christmas Day and patience in watching speed, strength and a little endurance gradually return. 
MEC race 1 in mid-January, a 5k, was a nice early early test. I performed quite well despite the cold and lack of grip. 
Even though my new watch goes a little funny at the start of downtown runs - I didn't actually run through the Provincial Court by way of a karaoke bar - I have gradually been piecing myself back together.
Yoga has been part of injury prevention, and a de-stressing counterbalance to life in general. Heart rate 40-90 bpm. 

Now the tough work, the specific training plan, begins. 
145km ran in January, my highest monthly total since September. It's all uphill from here. 

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