Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Marching On

March has been a month of rebuilding, just as February was. 

Physio trips once a week, with warm water baths to rubberize the feet, have been going well. 
It's all been about rebalancing to fix my gait, as well as addressing the compensating reactions arising from confused legs. 
There was the nice surprise along the way of still being capable of a sub-20 5k, with a minor piece of dumb luck gifting me AG 2nd place. 
Between surprise race results and physio trips, there is still some cause for concern as my gait work is at an early stage and my raw endurance has suffered somewhat. 
The glass is still half full though. At the end of the month I am in Singapore on holiday. The glass is overflowing here, despite the dehydration. 

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  1. :) Cute love your analogies. Hey you are getting better. Have fun in Singapore.