Saturday, 30 April 2016

Eyeball The Wall 15k -

Uniquely YYC
Race #3 in April, this time back in Calgary. Rather than the exotic locales and formats of the other 2 (reports coming soon), Eyeball The Wall was either a 15k or a 30k around the Glenmore reservoir. 
The 30k got started first, half an hour before the 15k. A clockwise loop of the reservoir, with the longer distance turning around to do the second lap anti-clockwise. Everyone would get to see everyone somehow, a well worked angle for a race many were using to prepare for the Calgary Marathon or half.

Just the one, dear
Once the 2-lappers were off, time to stretch and limber up on this fairly cold, but good race conditions morning. 

I had predicted a time of 1:07. Building back the mileage amid my ongoing recovery and gait work, I felt that perhaps on the first 2 flat sections (before the 5k point) I might manage 4:15 per km - 90 minute half marathon pace. 
Otherwise, the sections of serious gradient would leave me unable to regain that pace later on. 
Not the best self-seeding from some, who found themselves quickly swallowed up at the start. 
I had a new strap for my camera which was poorly adjusted, so no video. 
"Not doing 2 laps" pose. 
I felt sluggish to begin with, but it passed as I settled into a higher pace, and concentrating on my technique, overtook a few. 

Runaway Train 
About 2.5 k in, the extremely steep downhill to the valley floor. 
The 30k runners would have to come up it shortly before finishing, quite a task. 
I registered 4:00 for the next 2k before going back uphill. That was good for a 5k, but too quick for this race. 

I Will Follow 
The next guy I caught (hereinafter known as "cap man") seemed a good pacemaker, or at least I could restrain myself by not overtaking him. 
I took the hill back out of the valley slowly, and he pulled away, but I was back with him again within about half a k. Strange, as I'd assumed I'd be wrecked by this time. 
Signalling when overtaking, cap man knew I was there. He slowed a few times, possibly trying to encourage me to pass. "Slower, good idea," I thought, so I stayed behind. I honestly didn't think I could manage to run any quicker anyway. 
Cap man pulled over to grab a drink just before the 10k point, finally finding a way to have me overtake. 

Millennium Falcon 
I flew down the 1,000 metre stretch of Glenmore Trail, catching up the next guy. I took the following hill and undulations gently, or so I thought. 
At the top of one crest was one guy doing his tai chi/ a tribute to Ministry Of Silly Walks. 

Leaders Of The Pack
Already passing a few 30k runners still on their first lap, on my approach to Heritage Park, Simon came steaming uphill in the lead. 
About a minute later came a relaxed looking Scott.
Then Brent.
& Rich in 5th. I know all the leaders?
After that excitement, I took the chance to look behind me at a virtual hairpin bend just after Heritage Park. Cap man was nowhere to be seen. 

Arrival Procedure 
There were still plenty of ups and downs, which I was taking on in relaxed fashion. I looked to be easily ahead of my target time. 
Crystal came dancing past on her way to finishing the second loop. I think I didn't react straight away, hence the two-handed wave. 
I began as I'd started, with v-sign and grin. 
I finished in 1:04:47, a major surprise. I'm hoping to do 4:15 pace for the Calgary Half Marathon, and I did this seriously hilly 15k course at 4:17. 
My medal hit my teeth as it was hung around my neck, slightly unexpected. 
Cap man came in, he seemed slightly annoyed about my drafting. Perhaps I had been pushing him along rather than being pulled. 
This guy didn't collapse as it looks like here. He collected his medal, looked to check he wouldn't get in anyone's way, and slowly laid down. 
I iced a mildly swollen achilles afterward. On reflection, I'm in far better shape than I had imagined. It's probably due to improved running economy and longer term base of fitness going back several years. Can I add to my sub-90 half marathon collection at the end of the month? 

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  1. lol :) Are your teeth okay? Love your recap. Glad you did so well. Also love that pic of the dude who collapsed! Crazy how Calgary creeped up so quickly! I am sending all my positive vibes your way!