Tuesday, 27 December 2011


I had this list done in late November as I had feeling my motivation starting to wane, and while being in a training cycle is far better, this keeps me going until then. So, here's my planned list of races, including some of the "maybes":

Maybe - Jan 14th: Nose Creek cross country 8k. Can register on the day for this one, so if I feel like it, I'll show up.

March 17: St Patrick's Day Road Race, 5k. I'm not mad about the 10k course, but the event is well-put on with a good atmosphere. I'd go a little nuts if I stayed at home, so will do the 5. There's a chance of an age group medal, based on the 2011 times, though PB is not really a priority for this one.

April 22: Spring Trio 10k. My 10k PB from 2010 has to go. Flat course by the Bow River, so maybe less than exciting, but should make for a good time. Perhaps even a sub-40 minute time if everything goes perfectly.

May 27: Calgary Marathon. Time to qualify for Boston! This will be my second marathon, and will need 3:10, but will go for 3:09 to improve my chances of successful registration.

July 8: Stampede Road Race 5k. 5 weeks after the marathon, it would be great to PB this again - I could get an age group medal if a couple of quick 30-somethings stay in bed...

August 18: 5 Peaks cross country race, Nakiska. Stunning country about an hour's drive from Calgary, this will make a great headcam video! I might however be on holiday for this one, though it would be great to do a race on holiday..

September 29: Harvest Half Marathon. An annual staple, PB would be great, but not essential.

November 4: New York Marathon. Having read about it, seeing the tv show convinced me to go. If I'm not successful in the lottery draw, I can get a guaranteed entry, and overpriced hotel room, from an official tour provider. If this doesn't work out for whatever reason, the back-up is the California International Marathon in Sacramento on December 2.

Of course, there will also be  the Resolution Run on New Year's eve, which I'll be doing this saturday...

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