Monday, 12 December 2011


Running Under the Influence, that is. In between a team lunch featuring that rare term "open bar", and my wife's company christmas party, I was still able to get my run in on friday. Bloated and frankly a little drunk, this tempo run was surreal until 20 minutes in when the runner's full operating system just kicked in again.

In a small way, these christmas parties represent a small milestone. Not having bought any sharp clothes since my becoming a runner and losing a lot of weight, I went and got myself a Hugo Boss shirt - slim fit to show of being in shape or to show off just because I can. This is not something I'm really given to, but the point is that before I would have avoided doing this at all costs, not comfortable being myself.

It makes me wonder about the mindset of some who perhaps don't care enough to do anything about it, the wish they had when occasions such as these come up. Perhaps this is where many of the failed new year resolutions come from?
My sunday run was back to doing a snow plough impression again - tough and slow. Saw deer for the 4th week in a row, got stared at by some lovingly shooting me the "you're crazy" look. A teenager I ran past yelled "why don't you walk?" I replied "too cold".
So now it's time to plot next year's program of events...


  1. Nice look Peter. Congratulations on your accomplishments! I know that I feel like showing off a little too. I think it inspires people to get out there and do something. At least that's what I tell myself.

  2. Running under the Influence was the name of our Bourbon Chase team for a 200 mile relay run in KY. :)

  3. Crystal: it's a great name for a relay team. My blog's name is an aborted name for a relay team too. Wish it hadn't been cut as there were far worse out there.

  4. Hi Robbie-Lynn, I reckon it's important to inspire yourself first of all, and if others have decided to ante up then you're there as an example. Personally, I certainly admire the way you and Kyle squeeze it all in with your 7-strong cheer squad!