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Let's get (a bit) technical. I tend to do the same things for the same day of the week, though the total km of each run or the length and number of intervals changes when I'm in a training cycle. Still, the framework is usually the same. So below is the general pattern for a week, followed by a breakdown of my gym workouts.
I don't enjoy the gym all that much, at least when compared to running. The description is a little more complex than that of my runs (maybe that's why I prefer running?). Training run descriptions are largely total distance and pace, gym and weights more varied. I might take some pictures one day if anyone wants more explanation (!)

Weekly framework:
Sunday: Long run. Anywhere from 13 to 18k in the off season.
Monday: Recovery run. 9-12k, not too fast.
Tuesday: Gym routine (see below for details).
Wednesday: speed run. 2.5k warm up, then short intervals of 1 or 2 minutes, with 1-3 minute cooldowns in between, 1.5k cooldown. I do the intervals at a minimum pace of 3:50/km. 9-12k total.
Thursday: Gym routine.
Friday: Tempo run.  2.5k warm up, then long intervals of 5-8 minutes, with 3-5 minute cooldowns in between, 1.5k cooldown. I do the intervals at a pace of between 3:50 and 4:00/km. 9-12k total.
Saturday: Gym routine with 40 minutes on exercise bike at the end.


-5 minute warm up on bike.

-Weights: alternate between arms and legs - 3 sets of 15-17 repetitions at each station/ weight machine with 30 seconds rest between sets. I use 5 stations for legs and 4 for arms. I'd need pictures as I'm bad with the names (some include hip abductor, hip adductor, lat pulldown, hamstring curl, bicep curl).
-Wobble board: stand on it for 2 minutes while holding 20 kg kettle bell, holding it in front, then switching to holding it behind. Next, hold 10kg/ 25lb weight in each hand and balance on one leg for 45 seconds, then switch to other leg and do twice for each leg. I changed recently from the bosu ball.

-ABCs: running drills around the track: 3 each of knee lifts, kicks (knee lift, kick leg straight, snap down), and butt kicks.

-Crunches/ stretches: Do "scissor stretch", as I call it, to stretch the inside upper legs. Use a wall, and your imagination (a little).
Followed by 30 crunches - I elevate my feet and rest them against a wall so the knees are at 45 degrees, and while doing a crunch keep my arms fixed and slide my hands up towards the knee and back down. I learned this from an article I read by former 110m hurdles record holder Colin Jackson. It stops the use of the legs and that awful neck-pulling many seem to do.
Stretch one leg across the body while lying on back. Stretches outside of upper leg and butt muscle. A good runner's stretch.
Crunches and other leg stretch.
20 of another kind of crunch - don't know the name. Lie down completely flat. Lift one leg straight up, with knee bent a little (5 degrees or so). At the same time, lift opposite arm, and touch outside of shoe with fingertips. Alternate with other leg/ arm. This works the abs more on the side.

-Roller. Every part of the leg, lower and upper. This includes turning over to do the inside of the upper leg. I've become much less injury-prone since I started using the roller.

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