Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Winter's back...

I had the sneaking suspicion that the way the weather was spoiling Calgary with temps warm enough to run in shorts would end spectacularly. Unfortunately, I was right. If it had been constantly cold instead of 4 weeks of mild weather, it would certainly have been easier. I actually took today (tuesday) off to avoid the commute to work. I still went to the gym though, glad I did. Tomorrow will be warmer, -25 as opposed to -30, but windchill is going to be -36. Indoor track again, but still beats the treadmill hands down. Friday is going to be -22, so I will probably go out for that, if the windchill is low.

If I do head out, I'll most likely dress the same as sunday, when the cold snap began.

Head and hand-wear at the top: 3 thin pairs of gloves, pair thin of mittens, neck gaitor, balaclava, hat, ski goggles. 2 thin tops, one thick top, running jacket, tights, track pants, socks (1 pair).

It's fun in a challenging kind of way, I enjoy the bewildered looks I get in all that stuff. My body clock had started thinking of spring though, so it's tough to deal with this time. However, even though I don't like the track, the point is to keep on running. 
It's going to ease off over the weekend, so next week will be back to -5 to +5 range. Just in time for the start of marathon training! It seems very fitting that this cold snap comes to an end just as the training cycle leading up to my May 27 BQ attempt begins. The new route looks great, but I'll leave that for later. In the meantime: winter, you are relieved, sir.

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  1. That sounds seriously cold. Yay for the indoor track!