Saturday, 18 February 2012

If the shoes fit...

After the Ian Dury and the Blockheads album (which I haven't actually listened to), I was almost going to say "new boots & panties!" on facebook, but thought about it for a few seconds and held myself back. I got a touch excited when my 2 new pairs of runners showed up on my doorstep on valentine's day. I'm now confident enough in my shoes to order an update of the same shoes online without trying them on.
First of all though, look at this foot (please).
High arch and bridge or what? Over time I learned I am a "supinator" or "under-pronator" and therefore most likely need a more cushioned shoe to encourage my feet to roll more. In the early days though, it was more about not spending too much. I had a pair of New Balances for the gym, and a couple of pairs of Sauconys when I took up running.

The pair of Puma Ventis' I bought in Berlin mostly for the colour brought on a touch of ITB syndrome, but this was also due to size. My left foot is about 9 1/4, and my right foot 8 3/4. So the size 9s pinched my left foot, though it was my right leg with the trouble.

Having read up on shoe and feet types (see above) I went to the store armed with a list. The Adidas Response Cushions and my feet seemed to understand each other better than anything else - I also tried Nike Volmeros and Asics Gel-Somethings. The ARCs bounced me nicely forward, and also seemed to push up into my arches, in a way filling that space the way no other shoe does. 
Adidas Response Cushion 20s left & second left, then 19s and 18s

2011 was something of a breakthrough year - many things came together, the shoes being one small element. After the ARC 18s, the 19s and now the 20s. On my first run in them today, the toe box felt a touch roomy, although it still being rather cold this may not mean much. I believe that feet can shrink a little when cold? That's the impression I have from winter running anyway. Otherwise, just as good as the previous 2 incarnations. I was amazed that they were only $60 (Adidas website) a pair for 2 of the available 5 colours, though oddly $120 for the other 3. What price red shoes? It's great once you know what works for you, and can then get the best possible shoes and still be a cheap bugger in the process at a great price. These should see me to July or so, so marathon footwear is a go.

Another piece of equipment I finally got after 3 months in my new job was a height-adjustable desk. I'd had one at my old job. I sit in the mornings, and stand in the afternoons. After mid-week runs I'm no longer sitting down right after, especially good as wednesdays and fridays are speed and tempos. Heel raises standing in my socks ought to help boost stability. Every bit helps...

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