Saturday, 25 February 2012

Marathon training ramp-up & a weight loss flashback

For the first 4 weeks, the plan has been steady in workload.
Speed runs on wedenesdays were alternating 14x1 minute and 8x2 minutes, the next few weeks will be 10x2 minutes, 18x1 minute, 10x2 minutes, 7x3 minutes.
Tempos on fridays have been 4x4 minutes and will edge up to 5x5 minutes, 4x5, etc.
Sundays alternate in distance, trending up -  16k, 13k, 18k, 13k, 20k, etc.

3 weeks to Saint Patrick's Day 5k! It's mostly to avoid going crazy in March. Perhaps I should take to doing the Hypothermic Half in Februarys in future years.

I had a weight loss flashback recently. I don't do pull-ups all that often, just occasionally to break the monotony in the gym. I remember trying in 2007, and getting 3/4 of the way up while making a light screeching sound. Fast forward to early 2009 and 20% lighter. "I'll have a go," I thought as I stopped at the pull-up bar. Remembering that previous attempt, I felt I'd have to go all out. Gripping the bars and standing on tiptoes, I took a few deep breaths and counted down from 5. Before I know it, I am flying upwards like a helicopter. I end up having done the most complete pull-up ever, with my arms straight so my hands are at my waist. Still up there, I look around the gym for a good 5 seconds, and in a 2-tone bass/ soprano voice I announce "one!"

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