Monday, 7 May 2012

Are you not overtrained?

In hindsight I should have made straight for the exercise bike after my 10k, rather than training "as usual" straight after. Lesson learned. After a 5k perhaps, 10k no. The sunday before last I did my long run of 16k and felt ok, though my right groin - pectinius and sartorius I believe (ooh, I just googled) - cramped up a couple of times. Most oddly of all, I was recognized by someone at my company - "aren't you Peter, from the company newsletter?" - I shared my story with hr for their wellness site.

But I digress. The sunday just gone represents 3 weeks until the Calgary Marathon. My avoiding speed runs and replicating them on the bike was my way of saving myself for the key final over 20k run before race day. I dropped my wife off for her kickboxing class, then did a one hour out and back. My "P&S" cramped on the 30 minute mark, but shifting my weight and remembeing to engage my toes, this faded.

A-Chang was waiting when I got back, with her new bike. I took it gently, only going around 5:30/ km. A-Chang had to walk up slopes with her bike with tired legs from kicking bags and stuff. I was pleased that even though I could "feel" my right leg, it stayed consistent. At the 20k mark, I even put in a 4:24 to no ill-effect.
On to today, and I did my recovery run on the bike as planned. It seemed like I had a headache for most of the day, though slightly less post-workout. I had the sniffles a bit too. Now I read that this matches a couple of the symptoms of over-training. Much of this is due to carrying on regardless after my 10k, despite that having pretty much been a 100% effort. I'm overtrained then, largely because of what I did after that race.
Given that I came through the longest training run with my leg actually feeling better afterward, and with the taper now starting, all should come good on race day. I'll make sure to be smart between now and then and also during the race. There's less pressure too seeing as Boston has dropped off my bucket list. That said, I still want to beat 3:10. I almost feel like a beginner again, being just my second full.

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