Sunday, 20 May 2012

Race ready?

"...and you're race ready," said my chiropractor after my final session before the Calgary Marathon next week. I hope so, I feel like a newcomer again, with this being my second full marathon. The right leg has been improving, and I believe that if it gives me trouble on race day it'll still be runnable.

After my friday tempo my watch went blank when I was trying to save the workout, wiping all its settings which doesn't happen if changing the battery otherwise. Time then on saturday for the shortest run I've done in years, 2,000 metres on the track to calibrate it. Its default setting had the 5 laps of the track at 2,116 metres, so good thing I did. It's not a GPS watch, rather one that uses a footpod. I worry that in races, one of those would have trouble finding a satellite along with several thousand others and also lose signal in tunnels, under bridges, etc.

So for race day, then the general aim is to get under 3:10. This would be a BQ time, though I'm not interested in running Boston any longer as per my previous rant. I'll keep it around the 4.30/km range, slowing perhaps a touch between km 12 and 22 which is where the course gains elevation a little. It's different from the old course which had a significant hill, so should be faster.
My official photographer also has her map and set of instructions I'll be writing for her to get my photo in 4 different places. Given how long she'll be waiting, it ought to keep her from getting bored. She will no doubt spend a fair amount of time looking at the runners' fashions, especially ladies in lululemon.
From km 22 onwards there's a gentle downhill all the way to the finish at the stampede grounds. As in previous years I will start right at the front, just behind the handfull of elites, and settle into my pace at the 1km mark, hold it steady from there on, then try to hold it together for the last 10km. Hopefully too, I can get plenty of good material on the headcam...

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