Friday, 1 February 2013

Have I missed the new year rush?

Between my 2 colds, or perhaps one long flu, I have mostly missed the new year invasion in the gym. Now things are back to normal-ish again, it seems there's no-one who appears to have stuck it out for a month. To put it another way, most have given up just when they might notice a slight increase in fitness.

A few extra post-cold sessions have allowed me to observe other characters. The one that sticks in the mind is one guy on the elliptical who sweats a lot but never wipes his brow. Instead, he keeps a towel on the machine below his head a drips on it. Once every couple of minutes, he shakes the sweat off by nodding violently in a severe whiplash inducing motion.
It puts in mind the other odd behaviours and general showing off the gym presents to any keen observer. Wearing a wolly hat while working out anyone? It's partly the show-offs and neckless wonders that make me view the gym as a necessary evil. An outdoor run means you're quickly away from anything annoying. But there are odd sights, such as shirtless runners in subzero temperatures and odd techniques such as arms bent to the extent that the hands are level with the armpits.

I'm getting back into hot yoga which helps pull apart the back, legs and other constricted parts. There's also the challenge of how loud one can fart without being discovered. A-Chang & I have had a few "bum-burp-offs", she usually wins.

Off to Japan & Taiwan for a bucket list holiday next week. Can't wait! I have some running routes mapped out, and the gopro at the ready. It'll be just 2 weeks until St Patrick's road race when we get back. 3 halves, a triathlon and a spartan won't be far away after that.

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