Thursday, 2 January 2014

Calgary Marathon 2014, Forerunner

Welcome, especially if you have found this page through the Calgary Marathon ForeRunners page. 
We runners are a good kind of crazy:
On a serious note (!), if there's anything anyone wants to ask, please add a comment and I will aim to blog on a subject if broad enough, or give a quick answer. I've been a runner for 5 years, have read extensively and put much of that research into practice. 
Check out my recent post on winter training: 
Want to know about leg work, such as intervals?
What to do in the gym?
Race day and getting to the startline?
Race strategy?
Anything at all, just ask. Let's bounce out of the front door and run!


  1. Haha that last picture made me laugh. Thank you :) Looking forward to following your training and being part of this awesome group of runners! :)

  2. Ha! I liked the first pic best. Looking forward to following your training, Peter.