Saturday, 4 January 2014

Resolution Run - a lucky wrong turn and win

Every December 31 at 6pm, I do the Resolution Run 5k. A mad dash in the dark, it has no official timing. Each runner does however get a number, there's a start/ finish line and a clock. Add in the jacket that comes with entry and I'm game.
There will be a certain number of runners who will try their hardest, so it's fairly competitive if you want to up the pace. The downtown pathways are cleared almost daily of snow, so just be mindful of hidden ice.
I was glad I asked about the route, as there was no course bike, and it had changed again. 14th street and Prince's Island bridge loop. No Peace Bridge, which is a shame. That bridge at night makes me feel like a starfighter launching from the Battlestar Gallactica.
It does however get started by a police helicopter, which also follows the runners for a couple of minutes. 
Then it's a whole load of dark. 
I stayed level with another guy at the front until 14th street bridge.
For some reason, I thought that the sign telling everyone to pass under 14th street bridge then cross it was wrong. Standing there for a few seconds like an idiot (or even, as one), 4 went past.
The new leader then have me a heads-up by thoughtfully slipping on some ice.
Bridges, then I slipped past 2nd place before passing the Peace Bridge.
After getting onto the Prince's Island footbridge, it's about 250 metres to the finish line. I thought I'd make my move for the lead then, but when I saw a walker up ahead I had a brainwave (it had returned after the 14th street farce). Being first when passing the pedestrian would force the other guy to follow me in single file until after the sharp turn onto the bridge. Accelerating hard out of there would give me a head start too.
A superb view on the way in through the park too. 
So, I crossed the line first. All unofficial, but I'll call it a win if there are others trying to get the same thing.
That's it for 2013, a fairly uneventful year that finishes with a wry smile.

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