Monday, 6 August 2012

From runner's wife to running wife - a local "Olympics"

A-Chang, my wife, took part in a local Chinese community event, an "Olympics" as it was billed. Just a bit of fun, and all well-natured. Having dropped her off for the "opening ceremony", I went to the nearby ymca for my usual saturday workout.
I got back halfway through the 5000 metres, with a lot of very tired looking runners doing the best they could. Other events included tug-of-war, beanbag throw, skipping/ jump rope and long jump.
The lunch interval entertainment included tai-chi and this amazing guy and his spinning top.
A-Chang's first event was the 800 metres. Stand by for a dramatic race report! She's in the blue top and white cap. We'd actually discussed tactics, and viewed in the same light as a longer distance race I advised keeping it fairly relaxed for the first lap, picking it up at the beginning of the last lap, and giving it everything for the last 120 metres.
There was also a 6-ish year old boy in the starting line-up, I don't remember what happened to him. A-Chang's hat flew off after the first bend. After she went by on lap 2, I ran on the outside of the track next to her. The leader was slowing a little, but assumed the race was hers when she glanced over her shoulder entering the final bend. At the last 3rd of the bend I hissed "attack". I said it too quietly, so repeated myself a few seconds later. My rocket-wife then flew, faster than I've ever seen her go. Just like an elite race with that last kick. Not like an elite-race was the double-take the erstwhile leader did on seeing the blue-bullet fly past. I believe I heard a few gasps from onlookers too.
A-Chang doesn't do much running as part of her fitness routine, though weights, rowing machine and pilates all add up to strong legs with a fair bit of speed. All "medalists" received toothbrushes for prizes. Far more useful.
While on a bio-break, I was reading on my phone that GB was winning the heptathlon, the mens long-jump and the 10,000 metres over in London. I was expecting to take A-Chang's place in a 4x100 relay as she'd felt a little light headed after her 800. I turned out that mixed wasn't possible as there were separate mens and womens races. She'd recovered enough by then, so took her place for the anchor leg. She was given a lead which she extended, barelling down the home straight her cap having flown off again.
I ended up being drafted into action after all, for the last leg. I got the baton in last place, 20 metres back, but still had a good old go at sprinting for the first time in eons.
I was then talked into lining up for the 1500 metres. Rather easily. Most of the others looked fairly fit to me. A quick start, then they all slowed down and I went to the front. Depite being a bit of fun, if it has a start and finish line, I can't help myself. One teenager did his best to stick with me, laps 1 and 2 below. 
By lap 3 I was way ahead, and noticed a few surprised looking spectators. Not really a fair contest given the fact that I run 50-80km a week. Still, I camped it up at the finishing tape. While there's still quite a bit of the real Olympics left, it's pretty doubtful that a Maple Leaf will find the top step of the podium in track and field, so this will have to do. Hope I'm proven wrong.
I must have made a good impression as I was given 2 toothbrushes at the end. Lots of smiles that day. Boiling hot though, and my cotton t-shirt only dried out when we got to a Chinese (what else?) restaurant an hour later.


  1. That looks like fun!

    Are you interested in marathons in the future?

    1. Hi,

      I've done a few and am always training for a race.

  2. My apologies, of course, just just I meant triathlons :)