Friday, 31 August 2012

The 3x10

4 weeks until the Harvest Half, and it's friday, so it was time for 3x 10 minute intervals with 3 minute jogging recovery in between each. Each time I've done this in April, it's been into a howling wind. Before last year's HHM, I only ran on sundays in the weeks leading up, having strained my hamstring in the Quebec City half. Off work today, so from home I went into sundance and past the top of Sikome Hill which is the 17.5k mark of the HHM.
Even cars about to right turn at a road I needed to cross slowed to let me keep going, so during the intervals themselves I didn't need to break stride once. Magic. Feeling both strong and stable, I was even able to put a little thought into my stride and form, toeing off a little more, lifting the legs forward again quicker for higher cadence. Above all, TTA: Toes, Tailbone and Arse. Flatten the toes, as I have a tendancy to lift them which decreases efficiency. Imagine an invisible piece of string is lifting the tailbone also enables footstrike to happen further back and reduce impact. Engaging the butt muscles also allows for quicker leg turnover (lifting the leg in particular, at least that's what it feels like to me).
I thought I'd put together a HHM preview, partly as an aid for me to plan my race. In the meantime, there's 2 more weeks of increasing KMs coming up before a taper and showtime.

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