Friday, 24 August 2012

Still summer, but autumn on the way..

6 weeks until the Harvest Half Marathon already. It means that summer's coming to an end unfortunately, though the HHM's approach stops that from getting me down. How do non-runners cope? A mystery. With summer still going strong, an HHM facebook group meet/ run had a lot of no-shows, but it was great to meet up with Kyle & Robbie-Lynn, along with Neil (took this photo, son Andrew leading the way). More of a Calgary running bloggers meet-up.

Work-outs are going well, doing hills/ hill intervals instead of speed intervals is proving a tough workout that stresses the legs less while also giving the hamstrings more strength, hopefully correcting the imbalance vis-a-vis the quads at least a bit. One of my thrice-weekly weight sessions, the saturday session which I follow up with 40+ minutes on the bike, is now the free-weight session I mentioned in a previous post. This is still extremely challenging, and the last of each set still has me wobbling a bit, battling to keep my balance.
As much of it involves lunges, I bought a pair of New Balance (730 I think) minimalist shoes to wear in the gym. My runners simply don't have enough give in the toes. I couldn't see myself racing in these for anything longer than a 400 metre track race though, soles are just too thin for me.

Last sunday, after my 20k run in the morning, I had a brief swim in a nearby lake. I don't think I've ever swum in a freshwater lake before, though when I looked down, all I could see was green. My shoulders fatigued fairly quickly, although the old legs just kept on going. No triathlon in the near future then. Just the HHM in 37 days and the California International Marathon in 100 days.

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