Wednesday, 7 January 2015

I am a ForeRunner

He's not a runner.
He is.
We all got started somehow. For me, as with probably quite a few runners out there, it began when I came to a point where I had to make a decision:
Do I decide to continue in poor and deteriorating health, or do I go down a road full of hard work and challenges that gradually leads to a permanent change in fitness and physical state?
It seemed to me that it would be purely a matter of loosing weight and gaining energy. 
What has surprised me since January 2007 have been the other changes for the better: improved reflexes, better concentration and a sharper mind. A lighter mood even in stressful situations, greater calmness, inner peace and loss of a slightly dead expression in the eyes. A heightened sense of ambition, adventure, knowledge of self and willingness to push boundaries. 
Is it any wonder I love running? The gift that keeps on giving all day, every day. It came into the picture in 2008, at least in the summer. Since 2009, I've been running in all weathers. 
Calgary's Half Marathon in 2009 was my first ever race. Get me more of this, I thought. My first full marathon came the following year, and I've alternated every year since. For the 7th year in a row, I'll be towing the line at the Calgary Marathon Weekend. Only this time, I'll be doing the 50k Ultra, hopefully in under 4 hours ("Studio 54"). 
Calgary and running for me are one and the same thing. It will be a joy to share it all as a ForeRunner. I race with a camera (below, during "Run the Runway" for example) and will as ever make a short film of the race (awards pending). Waves, hi-5s and the guy dressed as Darth Vader at last year's finish all welcome on race day.
Whether in training, at the start or at the finish line, I will give it everything, for the guys on left as well as the guys on the right. 

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