Friday, 9 January 2015

I'm on TV I'm on TV

15 seconds of anonymous fame was probably not quite what Andy Warhol had in mind. 
When the weather is extremely cold I have seen TV cameras generally filming runners defying the temperature. 
In Calgary last Tuesday, shortly after attempting my final 800m interval I saw a cameraman and reporter asking runners if they had time to chat. 
Thus did I make the main headline of CTV's 6 o'clock news. "Shall I take off my goggles?" "It's ok to leave them on," I was told. The Walmart Ninja look is in apparently. It also allowed them to edit my voice without touching the film.
Why was I running today, I was asked. I just love running, I said. The part that got me in the headlines was my answer to the follow-up question "even when it's freezing cold with blowing snow?" I've seen my response phrased in quite a few ways on motivational pictures on various running sites: "If you wait for perfect weather, it'll never happen, especially in Calgary." 
Even better was the next runner, without goggles, saying the weather was "just perfect". Trust a couple of runners to lighten the mood and make it all seem better.
The few in front of me didn't stop.  
The coverage also filmed the 2 Jeeps that do the heavy snow clearing on the pathways.
Free gait analysis too. Needs work. My goggles steamed up shortly after and I had to take them off. 
Later on twitter I deemed it good form to say hi to the reporter Rylee Carlson. She must've checked shortly after telling viewers to dress appropriately " goggles or not." Me and "perfect" were the only ones to stop hence her gratitude. 
I can forgive use of the "j-word" seeing how much of a kick I got out of it. It was a fun interlude in early January training, a time when I usually feel slow and heavy. 

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  1. Don't let the fame get to your head! lol

  2. Awesome! You crazy famous running bastard!